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Antigua & Barbuda




Committed to harnessing Pakistan’s enormous shale potential; leading the data management revolution through the cloud and AI (Artificial Intelligence); and shaping the future of the country’s knowledge economy, LMKR and LMKT symbolize innovation at its best.
With a 50-year trajectory and having reached the highest standards in the country, Mari Petroleum now wants to become a key international player.
Air Tahiti dominates the aerial domestic market with 95% of the traffic - a few transportation options like ferries or ships are available.
Private and public companies have been very successful in connecting Polynesia with the rest of the world, with more airlines adding direct flights.


Hon. Michael S. Browne

Hon. Michael Browne, Minister of Education, Science and Technology
Minister of Education, Science & Technology / Chairman of the Inter-American Committee on Education
Antigua & Barbuda

Hon. Sir Robin Yearwood

Hon. Sir. Robin_Yearwood, Minister of Public Utilities
Minister of Public Utilities, Civil Aviation, Transport and Energy
Antigua & Barbuda

Professor Vernon Solomon

Mr. Vernon Solomon, Vice President at AUA
Vice President of Administration & Community Affairs at American University of Antigua
Antigua & Barbuda