A pioneer banking institution that keeps on breaking all the records

Whether by its size and coverage, number of assets, people employed, profitability, technological innovations or human commitment, Banreservas is a true leading force in the Dominican banking sector.

Since its foundation as the first national public banking institution, Banreservas has been leading by example. They started in 1941 with six offices and have never stopped evolving, identifying with the aspirations of each community, promoting key development projects and growing hand in hand with the Dominican Republic. Today, Banreservas is more than just a pioneering historical institution. Simply put, it is the bank with the largest number of assets in the country. They host more than 300 agencies nationwide, the largest number of branches of any bank; have more than 10,000 employees, consolidating as the main employer in their sector; and have the largest ATM network; all of which, in sum, make them the financial institution with the largest coverage in the country.

Furthermore, it is not just their size that defines them. On the one hand, while they are 100% state-owned, Banreservas is regulated and works as any commercial bank. Their portfolio is 91% private – 9% public, thus making the private sector their main asset. Another key aspect that sets them apart from other banking institutions is their excellent performance, particularly since the new management team took the reins in 2020. For instance, last year Banreservas left a profit of over 22 billion DOP, something that no financial institution had ever achieved in the history of the country, and that represents an increase of 111.79% in net income from 2020 to 2022. As Mr. Samuel Pereyra, General Manager of Banreservas states proudly, “since our team took over, the bank has been leading all the financial indicators of the national banking sector.”

At the same time, they have positioned themselves as leaders in the loan and deposit portfolios, with the bank’s NPL ratio closing at 0.60 last March, the lowest in all its history. “For the first time we became the bank with the lowest non-performing loan ratio in the financial system. This shows that it is not just about lending a lot, but about lending well”, assures Mr. Pereyra. Likewise, its loan portfolio currently has a provision of 700%, exceeding by a wide margin the 300% maximum of other banking institutions. “In the event of any situation involving the deterioration of the loan portfolio, we are the bank with the greatest coverage”, says Mr. Pereyra.

All these excellent indicators have led them to be recognized for its merits in both a national and international scale. For instance, in 2022 Banreservas received 19 international awards and recognitions from the main magazines and entities in the banking sector. Last year, according to the S&P Ranking Latin America report, they also climbed seven positions among the 50 largest banks by assets in Latin America and the Caribbean, moving from 48th to 41st place. They were the only bank in the Caribbean and Central America to achieve growth in this ratio. In addition, as of December 2022, the institution had 120 seals of Good Inclusive Practices for People with Disabilities “RD Incluye”, the highest recognition at the national level for the fourth consecutive year.

🟡 An inclusive digital transformation

«We have the lowest non-performing loan ratio in the financial system. This shows that it is not just about lending a lot, but about lending well»

“Basically, we set out to turn the bank into a hightech company that provides financial services for all”, states Mr. Pereyra, summarizing their current digital transformation strategy. In order to reach this major goal, Banreservas has been working on several fronts. First, together with the Central Bank, they have developed a law project aimed at modernizing the current banking legislation that has already been sent to Congress for its approval. Secondly, being a state-owned institution, one of their primary interests is to increase the number of Dominicans with access to banking services. Therefore, they are implementing a financial inclusion program called “Bancarizar es patria”, which started in 2021 with the initial objective of providing a bank account to more than one million Dominicans and promoting the democratization of banking services and financial education.