An exciting new adventure for Dominican Republic’s top logistics pioneers


In a joint venture with DP World, Grupo Puntacana will develop the biggest free zone and logistical
park in the Caribbean.

A desire to innovate and open new paths is one of Grupo Puntacana’s trademarks. For the last 52 years, they have been a leading force in the sustainable development of Dominican Republic. What began as a small hotel in a secluded virgin area later opened the first private international airport in the world, and today is a successful business group with more than 12 companies covering International Airport, Real Estate, Hospitality, Services and Social Responsibility.

Their latest project is the construction of Punta Cana Free Trade Zone, the first air, maritime and land logistics center and free zone park in America. It will operate air traffic from Europe and the United States to Punta Cana, so cargo can leave by sea or air to other destinations, achieving efficiency and cost reductions. It will create more than 15,000 new jobs and will house an Air, Maritime and Land Logistics Center; a Fuel Center; a Maintenance, Repair and Overhauling area; a Free Trade Zone; and administrative offices that will house the General Directorate of Customs (DGA), DP World and the Free Trade Zone.

Grupo Puntacana is also investing in Punta Cana International Airport’s top-quality services. Ranked as the best 5-15 million passengers’ airport in Latin America and the Caribbean for five consecutive years, they now provide top notch technology at the e-gates or kiosks to self check-in, go through customs and have fast-speed Wi-Fi. Furthermore, they will implement a pre-authorization process so passengers flying into the United States can go through American migration services in the Dominican Republic and enter the US as locals, accessing over 50 American cities that do not have immigration services.

With all these projects Grupo Puntacana will continue to grow and promote the country’s development. “We are the Singapore of America. We have a socially and politically stable country, with a very strong legal security, and we enjoy an enviable geographic location that makes us a suitable place for long-term investments in free zone industries”, says Mr. Frank Elias Rainieri, President and CEO of Grupo Puntacana.


Steering the shipping industry since 1924, ET Heinsen offers efficient and reliable sea, air and land
transportation services.

A pioneering and progressive company leading the logistics industry in the Dominican Republic

If the shipping industry is one of the pillars holding Dominican Republic’s economy, ET Heinsen is one of its founding stones, improving how cargo transportation is done and efficiently connecting the country with the rest of the world. It started 90 years ago as a family-owned shipping company and stevedore agency which grew to have more than ten lines. Later, they diversified into port development and logistics, a sector that has grown considerably with over USD $900 million in investments. Serving as cargo intermediaries worldwide, today they represent international shipping lines like Hapag-Lloyd, agency cruises in several national ports, and move consolidated cargo from anywhere in the world to their private terminals of Rio Haina and DP World-Caucedo.

Their latest project is Frio Box Logistics S.A.S, a state-of the art, internationally-certified 19,200m2 refrigerated warehouse dedicated to cold chain storage, logistics and conservation that will manage integrated logistics processes, allow clients 24/7 visibility, and is expected to create around 11.000 jobs once its third phase is completed in 2022. ET Heinsen has also invested in air procedures and X-ray machines, especially in Punta Cana International Airport, allowing clients to save time and expenses, as do new customs procedures, like the new system for authorized economic operators (AEO), which authorizes certain importers to do only one check per year.

A technology-savvy and forward-looking logistics company

Investing on technological development to become the logistics platform of choice in the Dominican Republic.

“Technology is the future of logistics”, assures Mr. Miguel Melo, CEO of M.C. Logistics. Being one of the country’s top companies in the management of logistic services, they are keenly aware of the importance of using technology to maintain a good flow of information with clients and guarantee an efficient supply chain. They have around 3600 satisfied customers, most of them SMEs, and they are the country’s first logistics company offering a native App that not only tracks client’s orders but allows them see the entire cycle from its placing to its dispatch. Clients can request services digitally and deal with different requirements, from customs to risk management levels, without going to a warehouse, port, or airport. “Our added value is that we understand supply chain flows and processes. Information is one of our pillars, it has given us a competitive edge”, assures Mr. Melo.

Their next step is to digitally integrate their suppliers and chain stakeholders, so they will start a project with DP World to promote electronic data exchange with shipping agents in real-time; they will also implement electronic payments so clients can place their orders online directly from the App. In the future, they expect to occupy a key role in the Dominican Republic’s transformation as a regional platform connecting Latin America, the Caribbean and the rest of the world. Given the company’s line of business, they seem to be not only in the best possible location, but also in the most capable hands.

World-class logistic solutions adding value to local and multinational clients

First-class facilities, digital traceability, all in one services and internationally experienced personnel make them one of the best Dominican logistic companies.

“Our strategy is based on providing world-class services, all in one place”, highlights Mr. Guillermo Alba, Founder of Nodo. Whether it is services related to customs, transport, storage, or the transformation and distribution of relabeled and repackaged products, Nodo is ready to supply tailor-made solutions. Strategically located in Santo Domingo, only 8.4 km from Rio Haina Port, their state of the art 43.000 m2 storage facilities with digital traceability systems were purposely designed to meet all their clients needs. “These systems have been integrated from the beginning to provide our clients a traceability that not many agencies can offer”, assures Mr. Alba.

Nodo was born out of Alba Sánchez’s vision to diversify into logistic services, and despite being a fairly recent company, a key factor to Nodo’s success is the international experience of its personnel, especially in the management area, which qualifies them to provide agile responses and assistance to their clients. Nowadays, when the Dominican Republic strives to become the new regional logistics hub, the need for companies offering world-class logistic services like Nodo becomes all the more important. That is why, as Mr. Alba proudly says, “our company contributes to the economic development of the country and to its trustworthiness on an international level by providing first rate services in all-things logistics.”

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