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CNBC Africa


CNBC Africa, First in Business Worldwide, is the premier pan-African business and financial television network. With real-time coverage of financial markets and international business news, CNBC Africa provides business leaders, investors and the financial services industry across Africa with the information and analysis they need.

With programming from Africa, the US and Asia, CNBC Africa provides the perfect 24-hour global business briefing. Programming is built around key business events during the day. From the start of trading in Africa, through the Opening Bell on Wall Street and the closing of the markets in Asia, our fast-paced, hard-hitting business coverage makes CNBC Africa essential viewing for senior business leaders.

The channel has become must-see viewing for those who need to know first, and viewers all over Africa are tuning in whether at work, at home, or on the move, to keep up with the latest financial news.
Today the network is available 24-hours on DStv channel 410 across sub-Saharan Africa. In Africa, CNBC Africa launched in June 2007 as a business television network and has steadily grown its audience and built its reputation as a leading business and financial news network on the continent. As CNBC Africa grows and unfolds, it will open up and include even more news and markets information from the continent, creating a truly African network

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