El Salvador, Centro American Republic with 200 years of turbulent history has been able to consolidate the Rule of Law, which today offers exceptional prospects to visitors and investors. With a population of nearly six and a half million inhabitants and an area of 20,742 km2, it has the highest population density of all Central America. Its capital is the city of San Salvador, whose metropolitan area concentrates on the economic epicenter of the Republic, although the cities of Santa Ana and San Miguel are also important urban centers.

El Salvador suffered a civil war for 12 years; the human lives lost during this war were approximately 75,000. This war ended in 1992 when the Government and the guerrillas signed peace agreements that led military, social and political reforms that have helped them to be one of the Central American countries with greatest vigor in the last 15 years. The Salvadoran economy registered an average increase of 2%, which reached 4.7% in 2007 and, despite the slowdown in the global economy in recent years; El Salvador has endured it with patience. This is because of the commitment of the authorities and the fact that the Government prepared a stimulus package of about USD 600 million for economic recovery, which has given great results. According to the World Bank 2015, will be a year of major public and private investment, an economic growth of 3% GDP is expected.

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