TREXM: Engineering an industrial future for Nigeria

By investing in local production and partnering intelligently with international players, TREXM has become a key player in the oil and gas industry.

Originally based in the US and present in Nigeria for the last decade, TREXM has found tremendous success as a project delivery company, providing the oil and gas industry and infrastructure and power sectors with professional services in instrumentation, control and electrical, systems integration and  automation,and improving plant efficiency and optimizing business opportunities through technology. 

With the Nigerian oil and gas industry on the rise, the company has found great opportunities for growth offering their engineering services to companies foreign and local. Yet according to Managing Director Mr. Bolutife Odusanya, attention to macro headwinds that affect global business development is the key to their survival. “You can’t separate the local market from the macro”, he explains, “and that is why the center of our strategy is diversification”

«You can’t separate the local market from the macro and that is why the center of our strategy is diversification.»

Indeed, their ability to adapt has allowed the company to stem the tide of global challenges that have hit Nigeria over the past decade, such as high inflation and unemployment rates, and FX devaluation. “You have to be flexible and retain the ability to pivot”, explains Mr. Odusanya, “we are not too big that we can’t move, and are nimble enough that we can navigate the waters”.

For this reason, the company has made successful efforts to branch out into complementary ventures such as chemical production, an industry still lagging in Sub-Saharan Africa and forcing countries to import production chemicals and drilling fluids for refineries, a void which TREXM is now intent on filling with focalized local production.

For Mr. Odusanya, the move answers to a broader vision of the necessity of imports substitution as the key to Nigeria’s industrial development. “We put our money where our mouth is”, he explains, “and by focusing on import substitution for key chemicals, we invest in the country and create more work for skilled technicians”.

With strong links to America, Mr. Odusanya believes that the US market is extremely important in its ability to provide technological development for local operations, and as a partner in new joint ventures, but it also sets a key ethical example: by operating with high levels of transparency and efficiency and through sound government policies that favour industrial development, Nigeria will be able to provide real opportunities to its young and eager population. 

«What America can create like no other country is opportunity, and I have applied this to my vision for TREXM. I want to show young Nigerians that the world is their oyster.»