Internationally experienced firm providing the best value-added legal services

Their first-rate legal, regulatory and consulting services help both
multinationals and local clients develop all types of business ventures.

“ Regardless of the size of the company or the scale of the business, what matters is that we work on something that adds value to our clients”, states Mr. Luis Rafael Pellerano, Managing Partner at Pellerano Nadal Law & Consulting. For over 40 years, he has become his clients’ strategic partner by offering solutions in all aspects and stages of their business ventures, from providing legal and advisory services when investing in existing businesses, setting up local operations or launching startups; to offering representation to negotiate the best contractual terms and secure governmental authorizations and permits in domestic and complex international transactions. “Satisfied customers will come back as long as they feel that we were able to do something for them, something that someone else might not have been able to do”, assures Mr. Pellerano.

Both the law firm and its lawyers have been consistently ranked among the most prominent in the Dominican Republic, and through his expertise, Luis R. Pellerano has assisted in securing some of the biggest landmark transactions in the country, such as the largest acquisition of a Dominican company in the 1990s, a power station valued at over US$2 billion; the largest foreign investment in the country, a gold investment project in the mines of Pueblo Viejo for over US$6 billion; the only international IPO and listing of a Dominican company on the New York Stock Exchange; and the first ever issuance of debt in the international capital markets by the Dominican government. “One of the keys to our success is that we really listen to what our clients want, and are able to establish a dialogue between the State, the private enterprise and the stakeholders, something not all firms can do”, says Mr. Pellerano.

«if you know a lawyer that works well, that adds value to you, you stick with him for the rest of your life»

Another crucial element is Pellerano Nadal’s both global and local scope of action. On the one hand, they work mostly with foreign and local companies that enter the Dominican market, of which 85% come from the U.S. Additionally, they have obtained the 2023 Chambers Global classification; are the exclusive member of World Law Group in the Dominican Republic, one of the largest global networks of independent law firms; and are part of Next law Referral Network, the world’s largest law firm. On the other, they are fully active in Dominican-based associations like the Legal Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce, the legal group for the British Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Young Entrepreneurs. As Mr. Pellerano says, “our policy is to participate in the country’s associations, particularly where our interests and those of our clients coincide, and in this way, we contribute to the development of the country by improving the business climate for all.”

In the next years, they expect to have a higher demand of tax and environmental services, and above all to continue offering innovative solutions that are in their client’s best interests. Like Mr. Pellerano assures, “if you know a lawyer that works well, that adds value to you, you stick with him for the rest of your life.”