Ministry of Finance: Building a
Bright Future for All Zambians Alike

With the instatement of the new government, the Ministry of Finance has a clear mandate to activate the economy


With experience as an executive in the Bank of Zambia, EU and IMF adviser and secretary of treasury, the new Minister of Finance, Dr. Situmbeko Musokotwane, is the person to bring Zambia to economic prosperity. In his estimation, Zambia has tremendous potential for growth, not only in its traditional sectors, like mining, but in newer ventures like tourism. Yet the country is being held back by an external debt crisis, and therefore the Ministry’s job on day one was to tackle precisely this problem. “It implied a great effort from the Ministry and the President”, explains Dr. Musokotwane, “but we are now very close to a full agreement with the IMF”

By restructuring its debt, Zambia will soon be open to international investors which will give a boost to the economy. With expected copper exports of three million tons per year starting next year, and an influx of capital into tourism, health and education, the Minister believes all Zambians will see historic improvements in their businesses and standards of living. “We are here to improve people’s lives, that is the ultimate goal and the mission that drives us”, concludes Dr. Musokotwane.

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