Palmera Camp: A healing oasis in the dessert


«There is nothing so breath- taking as the silence of a desert night, but you must experience it yourself to understand it.»

Bedouin Sameh Hadid


A great example of the many secrets Jordan has to offer is surely  Palmera Camp. The fartherst camp Wadi Rum town into the desert, it is the deepest you can go into the famous Wadi Rum to spend a night away from the hustle and bustle of contemporary life, yet in full comfort. 

Designed and run by architect and local Bedouin Sameh Hadid, the camp was conceived not only as a place for healing and reenegizing, but for experiencing desert life with Bedouin eyes . “We are in the middle of a natural reserve” explains Sameh, “the air here is pristine, uncontaminated even by waves, and the valley’s hills, as its most beautiful, offer a full palette of reds to yellows as the sun circles over them”. 

The camp is fully eco-friendly, it offers food from local stables and orchards and is built on light wood structures above the desert floor, which in Wadi Rum is a relic in itself, as it bears the marks and traces of billion-year-old marine life, from when the valley used to be a sea. Accommodation consists of 12 geodesic domes designed for healing, mediation and deep sleep, and each one enjoys private toilet facilities and balcony. The camp is also available to families and groups wishing to have a private celebration, and it has become a favourite for company retreats. Run by locals, the staff is particularly welcoming to visitors and is ready to share their experience and knowledge of the desert with anyone who curious about Bedouin life. “There os nothing so breathtaking as the silence of a desert night under the stars”, says Sameh with a smile, “but you must experience it yourself to undestand it”. 


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