It is a deep honor to be producing this series and, as requested by our core readership of investors, HNWI and leaders in the travel market worldwide, we took our team to SKN to understand the real potential behind the market. From exploring the opportunities in its Citizenship by Investment program (one of the oldest in the world) and understanding the key people that you need to know and what to avoid. 

Hurricanes and corruption- The short term decision by the current administration to introduce the Hurricane fund was highly controversial with many regional and local opposing voices including that of the former PM, Hon Denzil Douglas. However the federation has made strategic choices to increase investors and regional confidence and amongst recent calls for the resignation of the current PM Dr Timothy Harris over allegations of corruption, the country is now heading back on course to bridge the investment flows and with the emerging talent from the likes of Premier Mark Brandley, the future seems secure. Although the CBI sector is highly competitive worldwide, there are still viable options in the federation. 

Contact the team for a full list of preferred in-country contacts and to get a deeper understanding of who and what to avoid.

As always, happy reading, travelling and investing 

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