SpringRock Group: New innovations for Nigeria’s oil and gas industry

Through the introduction of numerous innovations, Spring Rock is changing the face of the industry. 

Recognizing that most Nigerian independent oil companies were lacking the inhouse know how and technology that international companies enjoyed, Spring Rock was created as an oil field management company precisely to fill this gap, bringing competences necessary in all technical fields, and supporting indigenous companies lacking wide breadth technical capacity to operate at an international level. “That is what we do”, says CEO Mr. Eke U. Eke, “we support companies make the right choices, chose the right technology and manage their operations efficiently”.

The key to SpringRock’s success is their abilities in intelligent problem-solving, and introduction of innovative solutions to recurrent challenges in the industry. “People think innovation is building a robot or going to the moon”, explains Mr. Eke, “but innovation can also mean finding simpler and more efficient ways of doing what everybody is already doing”.  

After developing all major competencies in the industry, such as well construction, field management and support, they focused on talent development, creating a talent division for human competency training. This was followed by an innovation group focused on research and development, and their own production management platform, created wholly inhouse and made in Nigeria. The are also in collaborative research agreement with the Federal University of Technology Owerri and that with University of Lagos is being finalized. Now the company is moving towards part-ownership of their own oil field, to which they will bring all their know-how. “The beauty is we will have our own laboratory”, says Mr. Eke, “and put our own theories and ideas to the test in the full process, from the bottom of the well to exportation”.

Indeed, with a projected growth of over 100% for 2024 and quadrupling over the next five years, SpringRock is proving they are in it for the long run and aim to become the leaders in oil field management not only in Nigeria, but in the continent. “In all modesty, we are a force of nature in this aspect of the business today”, concludes Mr. Eke with a smile.  

SpringRock has also expanded into Information & Communication Technology ICT and are poised to become a recognizable name in this domain.