Raising Paraguayan Construction to New Heights

Tecinci’s commitment to quality, efficiency and innovation, as well as to the professional growth of their collaborators, has made them an essential reference in Paraguay’s civil construction.

“ The beauty of our work is that there is always a challenge”, says Mr.Victor Hugo Arréllaga, co-founder and CEO of Tecinci. With 35 years of successful trajectory within the private sector, it is safe to say they have raised the standards of civil construction in the country, both literally and figuratively. On the one hand, their vast experience has covered all areas of construction —from project planning to execution— across a variety of sectors, such as the agro-industrial, the commercial and the residential. Thus, their portfolio includes constructions as diverse as warehouses, silos, hoppers, service stations, supermarkets, office buildings, hotels and residential complexes, each presenting a particular set of challenges. “A good part of our work consists of establishing a constructive solution for each project. It is not a cut and paste process, we always find different conditions and never one project is the same as another”, assures Mr. Arréllaga

On the other hand, the boom experienced by the construction sector in the last decades has placed them at the forefront of vertical building in the country. Among their current projects, they are working on Petra Tower, set to be the country’s tallest building, and they plan to follow it with 39-storey buildings Petra Icon and Petra Signature. “Tecinci is gaining a reputation as an expert in high-rise construction thanks to our proven ability to make high-quality, technically demanding buildings, delivered on time and on budget”, states Mr. Arréllaga proudly.

«Tecinci is gaining a reputation as an expert in high-rise construction thanks to our proven ability to make highquality, technically demanding buildings, delivered on time and on budget.»

Achieving this level of expertise requires an innovative approach and a solid commitment to employee growth. That is why Tecinci has created its own corporate university, a permanent, continuous and customized training program for its employees (and those of their partners) based on the specific needs of their sectors. Their goal, as Mr. Arréllaga says, is “to highlight how private sector companies can contribute to the development of the country, not only in terms of profit, but also by promoting academic training.”

In the future, their contribution towards Paraguay’s development will be centered around industrial construction, a sector where Tecinci has a proven expertise and where it expects to reach new heights. After all, as Mr. Arréllaga states, “the future of Paraguay is to develop its industry and we are certainly up to the challenge.”