Sri Lanka

Like all countries, Sri Lanka is recovering from the particular economic challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, but unlike many it possesses huge strategic potential to become one of the main hubs for international investors in South Asia and beyond. With a thriving tourism and hospitality industry that contributes around half a million jobs, as […]


Taiwan has become one of the world’s most successful economies over the past several decades, thanks to its favorable economic policies and proximity to China. With a gross domestic product (GDP) of $1.075 trillion in 2014, the country’s economy is the 20th largest in the world by purchasing power parity (PPP), making it extremely important […]

Saint Lucia

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Citizenship by Investment Program

The Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP) is St Lucia’s lifeline to bringing foreign capital into the country, while simultaneously funding development projects and providing tax-free status through citizenship for the investor. With the island-nation unable to borrow anymore money through rights issues, all eyes fall upon the CIP; a program marred with accusations of controversy, […]

Saint Lucia

Welcome to our authentic guide to St Lucia, it is a deep honor to be producing this series once more especially on the run up to our 50th destination. As requested by our core readership of investors, HNWI and leaders in the travel market worldwide, we took the plunge once more and voyaged out. At […]


From the rocky beaches of the Pacific coast to the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, plus all the quaint towns in between, Mexico is a large and diverse country that offers something of interest to nearly every visitor. If you’re considering taking a trip to Mexico, you might have several reasons for doing […]

Strategic reinvention from manufacturing efficiency to innovation and hi-tech

Over the past 60 years, the Republic of China, known as Taiwan, went from being a largely rural society to becoming a fully industrialized country, a global leader in communications technology and the 22nd –largest economy in the world, a success achieved by no other developing nation in the latter half of the twentieth Century. […]