Malagasy Customs keeps up with the new times

With an emphasis on modernization and accountability, Madagascar’s customs authority is changing old habits. Malagasy Customs, the State’s customs authority, plays a crucial role in sustaining Madagascar’s economic balance given the country’s 5500 km2 frontier and its rich natural diversity. With 1280 employees, 180.000 operations each year and a 6% annual growth, their mission is […]

Exceptional opportunities start to yield results

Benefiting from preferential exemptions and a strategic geographical location, Malagasy trade and industry is growing locally and internationally. Madagascar’s industry has expanded due to its large local market of 27 million inhabitants and its privileged access to several regional and international markets with preferential custom duties. Regionally, it benefits from the IOC (Indian Ocean Comission) […]


Madagascar welcomes a new era. Madagascar has always been known for its unparalleled biodiversity, untapped mineral and plant resources as well as paradisiac natural sites. Despite this, up until recently such richness had not translated into good living conditions for the majority of its population, mostly inhabitants in rural areas and dependent on agriculture to […]