The Insurance Arena in Puerto Rico: Growing with Minimal Interruption

Over the past decade, many international insurance companies have decided to establish operations in Puerto Rico, as a base from which to penetrate both the US mainland market and the fast-growing markets of Latin America. The reasons for their choice are mainly related to the incomparable financial and legal advantages offered to such companies by […]

(Puerto Rico; Part 2): Laying the Foundation for Economic and Social Prosperity

Bird Group LLC For the past nearly fifty years, the name of the Bird Group has been linked to almost all major construction projects in Puerto Rico, and the company is now run by the third generation of professionals raised within the company in an almost familial way, in which not only knowledge and experience, […]

Innovation On The Rise Through Health Services

For over fifty years, Puerto Rico has been the home of many of the top multinational pharmaceutical companies, with over 80 plants active on the island in which the majority of the top-selling drugs in the US mainland are produced. Attracted by the country’s favorable tax incentives, the low costs of its workforce and top-of-the-line […]

Vision with Solidarity: Tourism’s Path to Resurgence

Every year, five million people from all corners of the world take a break from their daily lives and jobs and fly –or sail– to Puerto Rico. Once there, whether on its endless sandy beaches, its overwhelming tropical settings or its historic cities and towns, tourist spend around USD 4 billion, creating jobs for more […]

PUERTO RICO, Looking Ahead Beyond the Headlines

Over the past sixty years, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, officially an unincorporated territory of the United States in the Caribbean, went from being a largely rural society to becoming a fully industrialized nation, home to some of the largest and most sophisticated multinational industries in the world, such as pharmaceuticals and electronics, and boasting […]

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Puerto Rico, manufacturing powerhouse of the Americas

Puerto Rico, manufacturing powerhouse of the Americas Composing more than 45% of the country’s GDP and providing employment for 20% of the island, the Puerto Rican manufacturing industry has been one of the most diversified, vibrant and attractive industrial powerhouses in the world for over fifty years. Enjoying a highly-skilled, experienced and yet inexpensive workforce, […]