Predictions for Emerging & Frontier markets Post CV-19

The consensus among investors is that Covid-19 will overwhelm frontier emerging markets, causing immense economic fallout from a collapse in both domestic and external demand. However I, without meaning to sound too Pollyannaish I think another scenario is more likely: that such markets will outperform. MSCI’s Frontier Emerging Markets index spans large companies across 34 […]

Richards & Company sets the highest standards

For the last 20 years, the firm has built a name in Antigua and Barbuda by offering the most complete and personalized legal services in the country. Richards & Company is a full service boutique law firm that specializes in commercial law while focused on excellence and exceeding client expectations. The Richards & Company advantage […]

Malagasy Customs keeps up with the new times

With an emphasis on modernization and accountability, Madagascar’s customs authority is changing old habits. Malagasy Customs, the State’s customs authority, plays a crucial role in sustaining Madagascar’s economic balance given the country’s 5500 km2 frontier and its rich natural diversity. With 1280 employees, 180.000 operations each year and a 6% annual growth, their mission is […]

Exceptional opportunities start to yield results

Benefiting from preferential exemptions and a strategic geographical location, Malagasy trade and industry is growing locally and internationally. Madagascar’s industry has expanded due to its large local market of 27 million inhabitants and its privileged access to several regional and international markets with preferential custom duties. Regionally, it benefits from the IOC (Indian Ocean Comission) […]

LMKR and LMKT: Transforming Industries, Empowering Communities through Disruption

LMKR team celebrates its 25th Anniversary in Shakarparian, Islamabad, on June 2019.

LMKR’s story in Pakistan is a case study in how a generous and committed leadership can achieve success despite the odds. In 25 short years, LMKR has firmly established itself as a leading global petroleum technology service provider. With of ces in Houston, Denver, Calgary, Port of Spain, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur and Islamabad, LMKR provides […]

Mari Petroleum Company Limited: Taking the Lead in Pakistan’s Oil and Gas Sector

Zarghun South Gas Field, Balochistan.

Mari Petroleum Company Limited (MPCL) is an award winning, ISO certified, integrated exploration and production company recognized for being the most competitive in Pakistan’s oil and gas industry. Present in all four provinces, it currently manages and operates the country’s largest gas reservoir at Mari Gas Field in Daharki, Sindh, and is the second largest […]

Tahiti; Air Tahiti is ready for more

Top local Airline

French Polynesia, only overseas collectivity of the French Republic, is composed of 118 islands, of which 76 are inhabited. The territory stretches on over 1609 square miles, from New Zealand, to Hawaii, to Tahiti. Being one of the remotest places on the planet, lost in the magical blue waters of the South Eastern Pacific, the […]

Tahiti; A look to the skies: French Polynesian Transport

French Polynesia is known around the globe for being one of the most romantic and paradise-like destinations on Earth. Its unparalleled sandy beaches and crystal clear seas have attracted tourists from all over the world, making tourism the number one industry in the country. Part of its charm relies on its secluded nature. As a […]

Tahiti; “Sofitel” Four luxury resorts you will not want to miss

The Tahiti La Ora Beach Resort by Sofitel

With great presence all over French Polynesia, in 2018 the world renowned brand of Sofitel took over the management of a luxury hotel that was baptized as the Tahiti La Ora Beach Resort by Sofitel. With 150 employees attending 150 rooms, it has been operating at almost full capacity since its rebranding, a testament to […]

Tahiti; Socredo Bank is a cornerstone of the economy

Socredo Bank

Founded in 1959, Socredo was the first bank of French Polynesia. Having established itself as an industry standard across the years, today their participation in the economy and the social environment of the country is massive, with a 47% share of the local credit market, and close to 42% of the deposits market. “We have […]