Tahiti; Air Tahiti is ready for more

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French Polynesia, only overseas collectivity of the French Republic, is composed of 118 islands, of which 76 are inhabited. The territory stretches on over 1609 square miles, from New Zealand, to Hawaii, to Tahiti. Being one of the remotest places on the planet, lost in the magical blue waters of the South Eastern Pacific, the […]

Tahiti; A look to the skies: French Polynesian Transport

French Polynesia is known around the globe for being one of the most romantic and paradise-like destinations on Earth. Its unparalleled sandy beaches and crystal clear seas have attracted tourists from all over the world, making tourism the number one industry in the country. Part of its charm relies on its secluded nature. As a […]

Tahiti; “Sofitel” Four luxury resorts you will not want to miss

The Tahiti La Ora Beach Resort by Sofitel

With great presence all over French Polynesia, in 2018 the world renowned brand of Sofitel took over the management of a luxury hotel that was baptized as the Tahiti La Ora Beach Resort by Sofitel. With 150 employees attending 150 rooms, it has been operating at almost full capacity since its rebranding, a testament to […]

Tahiti; Hungry for SIPAC

Originally founded in 1974, SIPAC became part of the Groupe Ballande form New Caledonia in 1991. Since then, they have become one of the largest distributors of retail goods in French Polynesia, where today they represent over 2000 different products. “We focus on four major categories”, explains Mr. Thierry Gabet, General Director of the company, […]

Tahiti; Conrad Bora Bora, The Magical Retreat

Conrad Bora Bora, Tahiti

Set on the private island of Motu To’opua, nestled between the exuberant green hills and clear blue waters of the lagoon, is the Conrad Bora Bora Nui. Previously known as the Hilton Bora Bora, it was relaunched in February 2017 after a complete renovation of their villas and infrastructure. With 114 total rooms, and 250 […]

Tahiti; Manava Beach Resort And Spa Moorea & Manava Suite Resort Tahiti


In the southern waters of the Pacific Ocean lay the islands of Tahiti and Moorea. On both islands, the beautiful, environmentally conscious, four-star, Manava Hotels and Resorts. Sophie Bessou the General Manager and Director of Sales and Marketing at Manava, also works for South Pacific Management, a company looking after small boutique resorts, cruises or […]

Tahiti; Socredo Bank is a cornerstone of the economy

Socredo Bank

Founded in 1959, Socredo was the first bank of French Polynesia. Having established itself as an industry standard across the years, today their participation in the economy and the social environment of the country is massive, with a 47% share of the local credit market, and close to 42% of the deposits market. “We have […]

Tahiti: Ocean Products, a spontaneous, late entrepreneurship, family success-story

After retiring from her teaching career, restless Christine Moari started working with her entrepreneur and fisherman husband, George, organizing events and selling sashimi and carpaccio platters around French Polynesia. Her products met a great success, leading her to launching her own fish trade company, Oceans Product, in April 2009. Two months later, her platters were […]

Tahiti; Air Tahiti Nui The future is now

New Planes, Air Tahiti

Mr.Matthieu Bechonnet, CEO Have you ever experienced uniqueness? Have you ever embraced a culture to its fullest? Have you ever been to one of the remotest places on the planet? Have you ever boarded a Dreamliner to Paradise? … Wait, what’s a Dreamliner ? We asked Air Tahiti Nui. In twenty years, the company grew […]


The Islands of Tahiti has historically been a favored destination for those seeking leisure, but is now rising as a truly all-inclusive place, where visitors of all styles and ages can live an unforgettable experience.    Clear blue seas and white sandy beaches have long been the picture of The Islands of Tahiti. It has […]